Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in the Day III

This is Back in the Day III. I welcome my fellow bloggers to post their own Back in the Day. No rules. No tagging. Just post some old pictures and write whatever you want to write about them.

Justice Villagomez and Family
Another Family Portrait: Back in the Day II has one of only two photos that exist of all my father's children in the same place at the same time. This is the other photo. This photo was taken in the summer of 1992, the only year that all of my Dad's kids were on Saipan together. If you look really carefully, you can see that Solomon is only wearing one shoe and that he has a bandage covering his big toe. A few days earlier he was proving to his cousins how strong he was and picked up a car battery...and subsequently dropped it on his foot. Ouch!
Angelo Villagomez and Fred Camacho in 1979
Happy Birthday to me!: Here I am with my first birthday cake! I think that's my Dad with the guitar and that is Fred Camacho, Reina Camacho's dad, rockin' the 'stache and Eric Estrada sunglasses.
Angelo Villagomez on Anatahan
Nice Lizard: In 1995 I went to Anatahan with my Dad. The day we arrived I went on a hike around the time the sun was setting. I hiked uphill, heading towards the summit on the eastern side of the island. I remember seeing wild goats, wild pigs, some Mariana megapode, and more fruitbats than I could count. At one point I saw a huge lizard's tail sticking out of the trunk of a tree. I grabbed the lizard by the tail, pulled it out, and carried it back to the beach. The sun set as I started back and I got back to camp in the dark. My father was pissed, but hey, I had a big monitor lizard to show for it. I tied the lizard to a big rock using some string, played with it for a few hours the next day, and then let it go.
Solomon Villagomez
The Guy from the Village People: On my last day on Saipan in 1995 I went down to Old Man by the Sea with my father, Alex, Abraham, and Solomon. Solomon found this washed up construction hat on the beach and I memoralized the moment with this photo. I can remember showing this photo to my father and him saying, "You shouldn't cut off people's feet when you take their picture." Thanks, Dad.
Angelo Villagomez in short shorts
Nice shorts: This picture was taken during the summer of 1995. I was fishing with my Dad at Tank Beach. He caught the fish and I carried the bag.


bjordan said...

Have you seen this man? He's spent time in Saipan.

Jeff said...

You should write more about anatahan. Would be an interesting story I'd imagine.