Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grand Theft Auto: Tinian to Saipan

I shot this video while flying from Tinian to Saipan last Tuesday afternoon. I was sitting in the front seat with the pilot, so I had a great view. The video starts with the takeoff in Tinian and ends with the landing in Saipan. The flight usually takes about 7 minutes, but I sped it up 8x and added music to make it more interesting.

I never realized Saipan looked so small from the air.


KAP said...

Depends how close you are, pilgrim.

Sorry, that's my inner John Wayne speaking.

Jeff said...

Cool uke jam, but Wagners' Ride of the Valkure (too lazy to check the spelling now), done bugs bunny style with the kill the rabbit refrain would have been even better.

Ian said...

I didn't think they let full-figured people sit up front.