Saturday, August 02, 2008

Jack gets worked

Jack's got the ball. Crap! Where's the goal post?
Alright, that's my goal post. Where's my defense?!
Nelson, hurry up and get to the ball!
Uh, you're not supposed to kick him in the back like that...
Chris Nelson
Eat floor. High Fiber. Penalty kick awarded.
Photos courtesy of Pete Bonser. Clair took the penalty kick for Jack. She didn't score, but her team still won 2-1 to take home the 2008 NMIFA Summer Co-ed League Championship!

The Fall league begins on Tuesday. If you are interested in playing, contact me ASAP. The cost is $5 and you have to buy your own t-shirt.


I was the center referee for the finals game. I've been working on my positioning, making sure that I have the best view of the ball at all times. I had a good position in these first two pictures.

But I had to use my super ultra mega man vision to see the ball in this play.

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