Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Free Hot Dogs

In my travels around the island yesterday people kept coming up to me to tell me how much they loved Richard Dela Cruz' hot dog letter to the editor. I thought the letter was from the heart and it seems to have really struck a cord with a lot of people.
I WANT to write a letter to retract my signing the petition against the proposed marine monument. I signed the petition in exchange for a free hot dog and did not understand what I was signing.

I signed the petition when the carnival was going on. My mom had a booth and I was helping her out. Herman Tudela had a tent down there and he called me over to sign his petition. I didn’t understand what the petition was for, but he told me that I could have a hot dog if I signed.

I wasn’t hungry, but I still wanted the hot dog, so I signed.

Later, when I was talking to one of my cousins he explained to me about the monument. Now that I understand I totally support the monument.

I would like to retract my signature and urge the indigenous to support conservation and the marine monument. I would also like to say sorry to all the other supporters for giving away my signature for something as small as a hot dog.

Fina Sisu, Saipan
I'm sure he's already heard it from several people, so I'll just add to the chorus. Great letter, Richard.