Saturday, August 23, 2008

Northern Marianas on CNN

Most of the media hoopla right now is focusing on Barack Obama's selection of Joe Biden as our next vice president. Even with that circus going on the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas has managed to make it to the front page of the CNN website.

This has to be the most positive press the CNMI has received in the last 20 years. I am really proud of the following paragraph:
Conservation groups have been lobbying the White House to set aside 115,000 square miles of the Northern Mariana islands as a marine monument. The U.S. commonwealth -- 1,400 miles south of Japan in the Pacific Ocean -- is known as the Grand Canyon of the ocean and includes 14 islands that are home to seabirds, endangered and threatened sea turtles and giant coconut crabs, the largest land-living crustacean in the world.
First of all, we are in the running for this monument because of our abundant natural life. Isn't MVA trying to sell us as a nature destination? Does it get any better than a story on CNN? How much is that exposure worth?

Second, isn't it great to talk about the Marianas without mentioning Guam?

This is only the beginning, too. How many more national stories are going to run on this? Won't there be another round of press when the President actually makes the announcement on Monday?

What a proud day for the CNMI!

As of 2:22 PM on Sunday, Local Saipan Time, this was the #3 story on the CNN website.


Saipan Writer said...


And we made the front page of the local Tribune-if not the Variety...

pairere said...

There are other ways of exposure. we should not and canot give up our rights to our lands and seas. Our legacy for our childrens cannot be determed by the feds. Like the president before said JUST SAY NO.

scubatripp said...


What exactly are you giving up? The CNMI law already protects the three land masses and the Feds have control of the waters 200 miles out - full control.

Under a monument agreement there will be co-management of the water resources with input and funding from the Feds and input and jobs from the local CNMI population.

Designation of a marine Protected area ensures that your children will have nature remain as it has from the beginning of time. Not protecting it will likely leave your children another body of water fished to extinction by people other than those descendant from your ancestors.

The choice is yours.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The islands are going to remain where they are. They will be protected for us.