Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chamber Meeting on Youtube

A big shoutout to the CNMI's starting forward, Brad Ruszala, for recording yesterday's Saipan Chamber of Commerce meeting presentations and putting them on Youtube.

I presented first. The video is broken up into two parts:

Sylvan Igisomar and Dr. John Joyner presented on behalf of their respective agencies. Sylvan went first:

Followed by Dr. Joyner:

Again, a big thanks to Brad for recording the presentations and for getting them up on Youtube so fast. I hope that these videos help people understand some of the issues.


bradinthesand said...

thanks for the kind words. it's something i felt that people needed to see before they pass mental judgment on the mtmm.

i hope there's more of this type of presentation-off in the future.

questions would have been fun but that would have quickly deteriorated into a shouting match.

Jeff said...

What a sad state of affairs that someone in fish and wildlife parrots the company line on marine conservation -- especially when the company is run by an unpopular, incompetent moron like Fitial.

The only positive I can see on the opposition is Joyner's choice of threads. I've got to get me an outfit like that one.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I amazed that there is enough memory in that little pocket camer-on-a-tripod to capture all the action. Good for you Brad.

Good presentations by all three people. Thanks to all. What happened to Jay Nelson's presentation, Angelo? I thought he was scheduled to speak.

I'm with Brad, questions would be a good thing. Perhaps next time.

Saipan Newbie said...

Angelo-- just started a blog

I am formerly known as "somebody's mom" on these blogs

Saipan Newbie said...

Hi Angelo,
I just started a new blog-- primarily for my stateside F&F, anyway-- FYI

-- the blog poster formerly known as "somebody's mom"

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I gave the presentation. Had Jay spoken, it would have been the same presentation.