Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photos of Friends

There were over 300 people in support of the monument at the White House Public Workshop. Cinta Kaipat was there along with many of her family members.

Former RC&D Coordinator Ken Kramer (he quit after his boss told him he couldn't work on the monument issue anymore) and Representative Andrew Salas support the monument.

We all know that Jane Mack is a big supporter, but did you know that Senator Tom "Kiyu" Villagomez likes the monument idea? At least I think he does, I sent him a bunch of information and he said it looked good.

The award winning environmental non-profit group Friends of the Mariana Islands was there with many members. They all support the monument and have written letters in support to President Bush.

The Cabrera family supports the monument. Their members composed an entire focus group.

Greg Cruz, the President of Taotao Tano, was there with his wife and daughter. Greg supports the monument.

Students from Hopwood Junior High School were there. They all support the monument and had an entire focus group to themselves. I noticed that Ranger Nancy was their moderator. Go Ranger Nancy!

Members of the local dive club, Marianas Dive, were there to show support. I don't think the club has taken an official position...yet...but these members were all in support of the monument.

I'll get around to posting my thoughts on the meeting. Today was a busy day. Maybe I'll get to it tonight.

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jeff said...

Are Mr.Cruz eyes always so bloodshot?