Saturday, November 29, 2008


Alex and KevinI've been having a great time spending time with my family, but I've also seen some friends.

Crissie YoungI first met Crissie at Wolfgang Pucks in 2000. We've been roommates twice and have remained good friends over the years.

Sandra DiazI worked with Sandra at League of Conservation Voters in 2004. She worked on the c(3) side and I was on the c(4) side. She lives up in West Virginia now and works on ending mountain top removal. She celebrated her birthday this week. Happy birthday, Sandra!

Selena MoshellSelena and I have lived parallel lives. I know her from Rollins where we were both Environmental Studies majors and in the Eco-Rollins club. Hold on, there's more. We both went to Winter Park High School and have both worked in the Entertainment Department at Walt Disney World (Selena still performs in the Festival of the Lion King at the Animal Kingdom.) Wait...there's more! Selena is dating one of the Conner kids from Saipan, Levi, who is Brad's girlfriend Kathy's ex-boyfriend. And finally, my middle name is O'Connor.  She's also Vietnamese and I've been to Vietnam and eat at the Vietnamese restaurant near my house run by the Chinese guy.


Dragon Room dancing girlI don't know this girl but she was dancing at the Dragon Room.

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