Friday, October 31, 2008

Dr. John Joyner, Take 2

Laurie Peterka and John JoynerDr. John Joyner hit the streets of Garapan again last night. He started off with a nice grilled mahi mahi dinner with some friends at Hawaii Bar.

John Joyner and Walt GoodridgeThen he did the Garapan circuit, visting several bars througout the night. Did you know that when Walt first moved to Saipan, Dr. Joyner was there to meet him at the airport?

John Joyner at GodfathersDr. Joyner saw a lot of his friends at Godfathers. He competed for the most original costume contest, but did not win.

John Joyner at Hawaii BarAll in all it was a good night. Happy Halloween!

girls dancing at flairDr. Joyner also busted a move on the dance floor. I don't remember if he shook it like a salt shaker or a polaroid picture, but I guarantee you everyone had a good time.

Overall Halloween on Saipan is very tame. Halloween in Orlando is a bit more crazy.

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