Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kilili Wins

CNMI Washington Representative Pete A. Tenorio garnered only 3 more absentee ballot votes than front runner Greg "Kilili" Sablan, far short of the required 361 he needed to claim a come from behind victory.

While 9289 ballots were cast on Election Day 2008, off-island voters had until 5 PM today to turn in their absentee ballots. Before the absentee ballots were counted, Sablan had a commanding lead of 360 votes (3.9%) over second place Tenorio.

The results for the top four vote getters before the absentee ballots were counted were as follows:
Lizama, Juan Tudela (I)
1611 (17.3%)

Gonzales, John Oliver Delos Santos (I)
1740 (18.7%)

Tenorio, Pedro Agulto (R)
1919 (20.7%)

Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho (I)
2279 (24.5%)
The top absentee ballot vote-getter was former Judge Juan Lizama with 208. Tenorio garnered 198 votes and Sablan received 195. Although Lizama received the most absentee ballot votes (13 more than frontrunner Sablan), he fell short of the 669 he needed for a come from behind win.

The Saipan Blog hereby declares Gregorio Camacho Sablan the winner with 2474 votes, which represents 24.3% of the 10,161 votes cast in 2008.

Congratulations to Representative-elect Sablan for officially becoming the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Island's first Delegate to the United States House of Representatives! History was made today.

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