Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Victory Party

Come on down to Hawaii Bar to celebrate our new president, Barack Obama.

I am being deluged with phone calls and emails. CNN and FOX News are showing scenes of people dancing in the streets. Brad Ruszala pointed out that it is like every single city won the Super Bowl.

When was the last time something like this happened?

Oh, I remember.

Luke Skywalker killed the Emperor and Darth Vader.


saipanboonieman said...

we've taken our country back from the evil sith lords, aka the religious right!!!! celebratory greetings from seattle! enjoy this one angelo!

bradinthesand said...

the partying was great last night. the hangover, not so much.

despite the morning after blues, i woke up and got ready for work today with a newfound sense of optimism.

see, obama already started the healing process.