Tuesday, December 02, 2008


On Saturday I took my sister, Catie, out to lunch with my friend, Selena, and on Sunday I took my brothers, Alex and Kevin, out to eat with my other friend, Sarah. Eating some of my favorite dishes at familiar haunts was one of my goals for the week. I didn't get around to having the Moe's burrito I wanted, but I had an Italian combo at Paneras, the club sandwich at 310 and the beef carpaccio at Brio.

Kevin really liked the carpaccio. What can I say?

I guess I'll take this opportunity to post a bunch of pictures of Catie.

Selena Moshell and Catie FordCatie turned nine this year.  She likes pink and she's short; a typical nine year old kid.

She has an American Girl doll, or American Classics doll, or an overpriced American monkey doll, I'm not really sure of the name. I'm not nine, so I don't care, but for her, it's a big deal.

When we had lunch at 310 Cate ordered the fish and chips. I had no idea the fish was going to be as large as her torso. She couldn't finish it, so we took it home and put it in the refrigerator. Alex ate it 10 minutes after we got home.

Her birthday cake was even bigger. Did they really expect a nine year old kid to eat that thing? Good thing she has Alex to bat cleanup!

And here's my Mom...

Alright, I promise, no more family pictures.


kirida said...

Awww! I loved the photo of you and your mom.

Deece said...

Glad to see you had a good time. This 'winter', I've really been wanting to visit friends and family back in the states. Someday.

KelliOnSaipan said...

The family pictures are great! It looks like you had a really nice time. I miss many things in the states - friends and family included.

Rache said...

Nice family you've there! At first I thought the pictures were taken here in saipan.
- rache