Thursday, December 11, 2008


Saipan USA FisheriesThis is Dave. Dave is one of the people involved in the new longliner company on Saipan, Saipan USA Fisheries. Dave posts on the blogs as PacificaDave.

Dave has posted a number of colorful blog comments on this blog, many of which he later deleted. His lastest blog comment, posted on my All Things Considered post, reads:
once again, Marine Preserve or Marine Sanctuary,I agree, NOT MONUMENT! you are trying to give the northern islands to the military!

BUSH is not a conservationist and will never be known as one!

and he likes a place to keep his war machines private, like in the northern islands.
Submarine Superhighway?
Sonar proving grounds?
whales love sonar
think about that for a while.
I wish Dave would stop writing things like this. Immature and misleading comments like this are not necessary, nor are they productive towards the type of discussion that should be happening in our community.  Our people deserve better.

There was an article in today's Marianas Variety discussing this new commercial longliner fishing venture. The article says that USA Islands Seafood is dedicated to helping local fishermen.  Readers of the online version of the Variety are able to leave comments on news stories. I figure I'd post all of them here verbatim:
The Hawaiian longline fishery has ruined the big game fishery in their adjacent waters. Gone are the swordfish, large tunas, wahoo as well as the marlin, mahi and other large pelagics. They were shutdown long after the damage was done and it is estimated that it will take thirty to fifty years for the populations to recover. That is a major reason that Mr. Crabtree wants to relocate his fleet to our waters. The only ones to benefit from such a venture will be himself and the stockholders in his organization. A longliner usually has a crew of four including the captain and can set up to sixty miles of line with a bait as close as every three hundred feet. They catch everything including turtles, marlin, sailfish and all are killed or sold. Without any restrictions on the sale of protected fishes such as the marlins and sailfish the large pelagics in our waters will soon vanish. Very few people will benefit from this scam. At the most a fe...

The real title for this article should be "Investor Vows to Screw local fisherman".

Longliners are highly efficient instruments of destruction to commercial fisheries. Hawaii fisherman used to attack them out at sea with assault rifles, and burn the ones in port down to the waterline. CNMI local fisherman would do themselves and the CNMI a great service by doing the same.

The only thing Crabtree is out to help local fishermen attain is fiscal and ecological
bankruptcy and starvation.

Keep 'em out!!!

Now you will see the end of the fish stock in the "pristine" Northern Islands in your
lifetime. What will be left for the next generation after these and the other proposed foriegn fishing fleets buy their rights to also fish in the water up North. This is another page in History that this Gov. and legislatures will be remembered for.
I did not edit these comments, nor did I leave any of them out (it is possible that comments will be posted after I post this).


Lil' Hammerhead said...

First it's "there's no whales in those waters".. and now it's "navy sonar will affect those whales". Hmmm? Which is it? The anti-monument handful should pow-wow and come up with the set of "facts" they're going to run with.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

They've said the same thing with tourism. There would be no increase in tourism but the increased tourists would wreck the place.

KAP said...

I'm no fan of longliners, but there are lots of pelagics to pillage outside of the proposed monument. Why is there so much interest in fishing so far north?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Your guess is as good as mine.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

An article in a Western Pacific Fisheries newsletter a couple of months or so (not sure of the exact date of the newsletter).. very clearly stated that any "monuments" in the Pacific should be fought, as one more will lead to another and another, affecting their "business".

SteeleOnSaipan said...

I don't think he's been immature or misleading but rather properly paranoid, as you should be if you're looking to do business with George Bush. The man has ruined everything he has touched.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

You'll notice the Obama button on the right hand column. Bush did a pretty good job with Papahanaumokuakea. They have about 40 jobs, a boat, a visitors center and an advisory panel. I'd like to see something similar here.

Those guys are raising all sorts of hell with our local people, like claiming that the monument shut down the lobster fishery, which is not true.