Friday, January 30, 2009

Membership has its benefits

The 11th Micronesians in Island Conservation Retreat ended last night with a farewell dinner at the Village attended by the Governor of Pohnpei, John Ehsa.

john ehsa pohnpeiThat's Governor Ehsa in the middle. I did take a picture of him with his eyes open, but I'm not in that picture. Hopefully he'll forgive me for posting this one.

In our last session of the retreat I was nominated and voted onto the MIC steering committee for a second consecutive term. That means some extra travel and more opportunities to spend time working with other conservation leaders in Micronesia. Not that being on the steering committee is all about my own professional development, but I can point to a conversation last January I had as a result of my participation on the steering committee that helped guide me through the entire Marianas Trench Marine National Monument process.

Being on the steering committee is a good thing. I enjoy the work.

As practically our first order of business, I was nominated by the other steering committee members to become the MIC blog blogmaster. I don't have access to it yet, but stay tuned for some changes.

We also decided where our next meeting will be held. Looks like I'll be traveling to Palau soon.

Here are some random photos from the retreat. Several posts are to follow.

mary rose nakayamaOn the second day of the hike, Bill Raynor led us on a hike to a waterfall and facilitated a talk on leadership. A picture of the waterfall is in my last post. A full blog post on the discussion is forthcoming. This photo of Mary Rose Nakayama and her daughter was taken at the base of said waterfall. Mary Rose is on the steering committee.

Cheryl Calaustro lives on Guam.  She's finishing up a RARE campaign there.  She's on the steering committee, too.

Fran Castro is an MIC member and Pete was a guest of the retreat. In this photo we are on the raft near the Nahtik marine protected area on the south end of the island. We are about to feast on mangrove crab and parrot fish in this photo. More photos of the food to follow.

In this photo are Wisney Nakayama from Chuuk and Entuyah Oidov from Mongolia at sakau ceremony held by the community of Enpein. The community members served us piles upon piles of food. This was MIC fatty day.  It would have been fun to weight everyone at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.

Most of my readers know Laurie Peterka, my partner on the campaign to build local support for the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. You might not know Mae, the MIC Coordinator.


bigsoxfan said...

Palau and diving. Your good works are leading in the right direction. Like; mac and cheese, Saipan and Flame Trees, spam and (well, anything) Glad to see your good works are pointing you in the right direction. Did you really want to be Gov. of Illinois? Seriously though, brush up on wall diving and currents. Harry can lead you in the right direction there.
I'm thinking; "you, lucky bugger" Really though, you've paid for the ticket or are beans and rice off the menu of the struggling environmental type?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I would very much enjoy moving into a position where I was able to work in the entire region. A have a few leads on jobs that would allow me to do so.