Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Inauguration Photos

There it is, the front of the line, the envy of 2 million other Inauguration viewers.

Despite the cold and the large crowds, people were generally in a cheery mood. People even started singing at around 7 AM.

I snapped this photo as I rushed through security. About 7 of us got through security before they closed the line for a few more minutes, giving me ample time to find the perfect spot to watch the inauguration.

My view was blocked by two media stands. I wonder how many media outlets were in DC covering this story. All of them?

inauguration day photoMy co-Inauguration viewers. The people next to me were from Idaho, Florida and Virginia.

inauguration crowdsAnother picture of the crowds.

This is a photo of the same area taken exactly 49 minutes later.

Another picture of the crowds.

Tuskegee AirmenSome of the remaining Tuskegee Airmen were sitting right in front of my standing only section. They are the pilots who helped desegregate the United States Military. I think there was a movie about them starring Lawrence Fishburne.

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