Saturday, January 17, 2009


barack obama tshirtsWashington, DC has turned into Obamatown. There is an energy in the city, like Christmas and the World Series are right around the corner. You can't take more than 10 steps without reading Obama's name. Everyone is wearing Obama buttons, Obama sweaters, Obama hats and people on the streets are hawking Obama posters, Obama flags, and one guy, and one guy only, was selling Barack Obama towels.

I made a number of purchases today. Let me know in the comments or via email if you want me to buy you something. T-shirts are in the $20 range. A pack of Barack Obama trading cards are $3. The playing cards are $10.

fuji tv inaugurationThere are reporters roving around all over the mall. At the steps of the Capital Building there were a number of reporters interviewing people. This Fuji Television reporter was asking people to describe Barack Obama with one word.  She made you write the word on her special Barack Obama notepad.  I'm not sure what the YES/NO thing was all about, though. I learned a long time ago to try not to understand too much about Japanese TV. It will only drive you insane.

obama inauguration msnbcMSNBC has a studio set up right on the Mall. They were broadcasting live. People were standing where I was standing when I took this picture to appear on live TV.

msnbcI don't know the name of this reporter, but she's on MSNBC.  Where was Keith Olbermann?

radio free asiaThose of you who think I'm a media whore will not be surprised to see a photo of me being interviewed by Radio Free Asia. I swear I didn't ask to be interviewed. She saw me and Claudio walking with our I love Hooters stickers and she ran over to us and asked us where we were from.

washington dc hootersSpeaking of Hooters, there were Hooters girls giving out stickers in front of the Capital Building. What friendly people!


bigsoxfan said...

Hooters girls on the Mall. No wonder the islamic conservatives hate our butts. God Bless America.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Hooters Girls = Freedom!!!

Saipan Writer said...

Hi, Angelo.

I'll take you up on the offer to bring back some memorabilia (and pay you when you get here). 2 packs of Obama playing cards, two tee shirts (1 large, 1 either x-large or 2x).

Have fun. And thanks.

Jeff said...

Big difference from the protests and motorcade getting egged when Bush's reign of (t)error kicked off.