Sunday, January 25, 2009

A prayer for Ruth Tighe

I'll let Ruth speak for herself.
On My Mind

To those of you who might be wondering what has happened to this column, the answer is it is in limbo - and will, in all likelihood, remain there for at least the next two months.

The reason: I am in Honolulu undergoing radiation and imminently, chemo, for a squamous non-small-cell cancer in the upper lobe of my right lung. The bad news is that the cancer is not operable. The good news is that it has not spread, and has not yet affected the lymph glands.

The situation is not conducive to the writing of political commentary (or any other kind). It is taking all my energy just to cope with the unexpectedness, the shock, of it all.

As of now, after a week of radiation treatment, I still feel quite well. They tell me that probably won't last..............

I do have a stream of family coming to help me - my son for a week, my brother for a week, my younger daughter for a week, my sister for two weeks (my older daughter was here for the first two weeks), and the Medical Referral Service staff has been wonderfully helpful, supportive, obliging.

I do have my computer with me, but would ask that well-meant but large files - of funnies, pictures, stories, what-have-you - NOT be sent, since I am connected to the web by slow-speed dial up, and it gets painful to wait for them to download.

Wish me well!

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