Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Are One Concert Photos

barack obama at lincoln memorialThe news is reporting that half a million people were on the Washington Mall this afternoon for the We Are One concert. If that's what half a million look like, what will two million look like on Tuesday?

claudio bartalucciJust to prove we were there together, Claudio and I took a picture together. You like those layers of clothes? I'm wearing a sweater and two jackets in addition to ski pants.

washington monument barack obama we are one concertIf you're looking for close up pictures of the celebrities participating in the concert, you won't find them on this blog. The closest we got was between the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial.

we are one concertbarack obamaWe still had a great view. The people on stage looks like ants, but the big video screens made it seem like we had a front row seat.  The sound system was pretty sweet, too.  There was a bit of an echo, but it still felt like we were in the middle of everything.

barack obama we are oneI love the photos of the crowd. The videos on TV don't give a sense of how packed it was. The entire area around the reflecting pool was packed shoulder to shoulder. The crowd expanded beyond that though.

updating your blogAt least I'm not as bad as this guy, updating my blog at the National Mall.

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