Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Park Farmers Market

winter park farmers marketThe Winter Park Farmers Market on Saturday mornings is one of my favorite things about Florida. I've been going there with my Mom ever since we moved to Winter Park in 1993. This visit was my first time going there since 2005.

italian sausageThe Farmer's Market is held every Saturday morning and lasts until about 1 PM. Every single time I go I get a grilled spicy Italian sausage with green peppers, onions, and mustard. I tried recreating this at a recent Christmas party on Saipan. I brought everything needed to the bbq, but before I could stop the chef, he had cut all the sausage up into bite size pieces. Dang it.

strawberry smoothie machineKevin and the kids always get strawberry smoothies. Now this is Winter Park, so in addition to fruit smoothies, you can also order espresso and cappuccino.

street market floridaThe street market has all types of things for sale in addition to the usual fresh vegetables.

winter park honeyOne of the vendors sells fresh honey. I'm not sure if this is Winter Park made honey or Winter Park packaged honey. I remember reading something recently about bees and honey and it wasn't good. Maybe it comes from Argentina? I forget.

winter park orchidsEveryone loves orchids. I guess there are enough flower children in Winter Park to keep this vendor in business.

fresh florida tomatoesDid you know that after oranges, tomatoes are Florida's second largest crop? Who knew?

foofoo dogsfufu dogsThere is also no lack of foofoo dogs in Winter Park. It seems like every other person has one. If I ever gave Oreo a bath and a proper hair cut, he'd fit right in here.

michael gunter and angelo villagomezWhen I was going to school at Rollins College I would often run into my fellow students at the Street Market. It has been five years since I graduated (!), so every student I went to school with, even those that were freshmen when I graduated, are now graduated (hopefully).

I did run into one of my professors though. That is Dr. Michael Gunter and his three year old son. I took several of his International Politics classes during my tenure at Rollins.

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