Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Same time, last year

Every once in a while I'll dig through the archives of this blog to see what I was doing 1, 2, 3 and now 4 years ago.

Four years ago today, in 2005, I was planning for my JET interview in Miami. You'll notice from the url of this blog that I was once a JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) applicant. You can probably guess from the content of this blog, that I am a failed JET applicant. After my interview I was put on the Alternate list and was never upgraded. Emily, my girlfriend at the time, was accepted and moved to Japan. I followed her a few months after she left.

Three years ago, in 2006, I was living in Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken in Japan. Even though I had moved there in November 2005, my world changed when my father passed away 10 days after I touched down in Japan. I spent the entire month of December in Saipan and that is when I made the decision to move back after having lived in the mainland United States and England (and Japan, technically) for 24 years. I was enjoying a prolonged vacation, getting ready to move to Saipan.

Two years ago, in 2007, I was in Saipan doing conservation work, finishing up my contract with Marianas RC&D, starting work with MINA, and training with CNMI Men's Soccer team preparing for our first game against Guam.

Last year, in 2008, I was starting to crank up the campaign to designate the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. I was also planning a Jake Shimabukuro concert to celebrate the second year of Beautify CNMI. Most importantly, I met Janet King for the first time.

And here we are in 2009. I'm playing coed soccer and trying to lose some weight. I'm also planning a Beautify CNMI island-wide cleanup for April. I'm 30, debt free with no kids and no girlfriend. Good times.

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