Thursday, April 16, 2009

4040 on 4/17

It is approaching noon in the city of San Francisco. I woke up kind of late and had a bagel and coffee from Starbucks for breakfast. The EPA awards ceremony begins in about an hour, so I am about to get in the shower so I can start getting ready.

6000 miles away on the small island I call home, several thousand people are waking up to participate in what will be the largest island wide cleanup in Micronesian history. Over 57 volunteer groups will scour the island for litter, paint over graffiti, and plant trees. I say over 57 because I can think of a few groups who didn't turn in their sign up need to name names.

Those 57 groups account for 4040 volunteers.

I am so proud of my island for what they are going to accomplish today. This is a big day. Thank you.

If you are awake, please tune into Harry Blalock's radio show at 7 AM local team to hear some of the organizers discuss the cleanup.

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