Friday, April 17, 2009

Boston Red Sox vs Oakland A's

As luck would have it, the Red Sox were in town the two days before the awards ceremony. I had wanted to go to both games, but only managed to make it to one.

Getting to the Oakland Coliseum is very convenient. The Bay Area Rapid Transit stops right in front of the stadium...and right in front of our hotel. It was only about $3 and a short 20 minute ride over.

Ticket prices are also very reasonable. The most expensive seat in the house was only $55. I would have purchased one of those, but they were all sold out. I had to settle for the $40 seats, which still weren't too bad.

It has been nearly four years since I've been to a Major League Baseball game (check out my post from 2005 and you'll recognize a former Saipan celebrity). The two or three games I went to at Fenway when I was a kid are some of the best memories I have from my childhood. It was great to sort of relive them at Tuesday's game.

Here are some photos:

Big Papi about to take a monster swing.

That's team captain Jason Varitek.

Anyone else think that Mike Lowell looks like Greg Moretti?

Jason "Who's Got the Roid Rage" Giambi amazingly enough didn't get a single STEEEEEEEE-ROOOOOOIIIIIIDS chant directed at him. I'm sure the fans at Fenway will make up for it the next time the A's travel to Boston.

Hideo Okajima took the mount at the end of the game. We still lost.

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