Thursday, April 16, 2009

Narita AEON

When I lived in Japan, Emily and I would visit our local AEON on a weekly basis. We would often go to the movies for ladies' night. Yes, ladies' night. It was your typical shopping mall with a food court, a Starbucks, Sports Authority, and clothing shops.

When I visited Narita earlier this year I saw an AEON from the train. I wanted to make a visit there on this layover.

Walking around in a Japanese shopping mall is fun. My Japanese friends probably won't understand this, but for me, Japan is insane, in a good way though. I won't really elaborate for fear of losing all my Japanese friends (both of them).

Alright, I'll elaborate a little. Italian Tomato Cafe Jr is a really lame name for an Italian Restaurant.  Alright, it sucks.  It makes me laugh. Even so, I highly recommend their strawberry cake. Good stuff.

Japanese arcades are insane, too. Tourists have been know to go into epileptic shock simply walking by one of these places. Young Japanese girls have been documented committing crimes to pay for their purikura addictions. I. am. not. kidding.

Back in the day when I lived in Takaoka, Emily and I used to eat at a Chinese restaurant inside the Aeon Shopping Mall there. They had this noodle dish that I always ordered. This Aeon had the same Chinese restaurant with the same noodle dish. I didn't catch the name of the restaurant, but it has dragons painted on the walls. The dish is called something like Spicy Black Sesame Szechuan Noodles. Good stuff! This photo doesn't do it justice.