Saturday, June 06, 2009

Election Time in Tinian

I enjoyed the weekend on Tinian with Edz this weekend. We flew over on Freedom Air and stayed at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino. We ate our meals at JC Cafe.

I rented a car and we drove all over the island. This is the first time I've been over here where I've had transportation and no work and where I wasn't playing tour guide, so we drove down roads I had never been down before and found some cool stuff which I'll post later.

Right now I want to post the campaign signs.

The 2009 campaign is in full swing in Tinian. The main village of San Jose isn't much bigger than a few city blocks, but there are trucks carrying political signs and blaring music swarming the streets. We saw a BBQ for Republicans down on the beach, while the Covenant supporters were up at campaign headquarters.

covenant party headquartersMusic was blaring at both locations for the enjoyment of everyone, and I mean everyone, within a half-mile radius.

heinz arnold campaign signThere seem to be more campaign signs on Saipan than on Tinian, but most of the major intersections seem to be covered here, so maybe the per capita signage is higher. Whatevs.

covenant party tinianWe haven't seen these kinds of billboards on Saipan yet, probably because none of the parties have agreed on their slate of candidates. I know they're coming, though.

Tinian Republican BannerMy favorite sign on Tinian had to be this Republican banner on top of a Jeep. Yes, We Can? Doesn't that belong to somebody else?

Whatever works, I guess.

Later on in the day we saw a sign waving the dark. I didn't take any pictures of that...because it was dark.

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