Friday, June 26, 2009

Name That Abyss!

marianas trench marine national monumentUniversity of Hawaii professor and geologist Patricia Fryer and George Washington High School marine biology teacher and Marine Mania advisor Linda Tatreau are holding a contest to rename HMRG Deep, the second deepest place in the ocean.

According to the article in Pacific Daily News:
The contest is open to all Guam and Northern Mariana Island students ages 18 and under. The proposed name must reflect Guam's history, culture or language and the applicant must include a paragraph explaining the significance of the name.

All entries should include the applicants name, school and contact information. The deadline to submit entries is July 14 to

The winner of the contest will have their chosen name on all bathymetric/geologic maps and will also get to ride on the UnderWater World float in the Liberation Day Parade, with a banner stating the winning name.
First of all, why should the "proposed name must reflect Guam's history, culture, or language?" What about us? Secondly, when were they going to let the students in the Marianas know that they were eligible for this contest? And why does the winner get to be in Guam's parade?

Alright. Deep breath. Let's have some fun with this.

The article says that the name will be printed on a banner on a parade float for the Liberation Day Parade in Guam. So how about:

There is a lot of friendly competition between Guam and the Marianas, and I believe this name highlights that spirit. This name printed on all bathymetric/geologic maps and on the float will help bring us together as Micronesian brothers and sisters. It is also what we say under our breath every time a federal job is moved out of the Marianas to Guam or every time a brown tree snake is spotted at one of the ports.
Alright, don't take me too seriously. Remember, this blog is supposed to be entertaining.

What is really going on here is that the people in Guam and the professor in Hawaii don't think about the Marianas when they think of this stuff. Kind of how like Tinian and Rota always pipe up with, "Hey, we're part of the Marianas, too!" Guam forgets about the Marianas as often as Saipan forgets about Rota.

I wrote an email to the professor in Hawaii asking her to include the Marianas on any further work she does out here. In the meantime, if you know a local student under the age of 18, please have them submit a new name. The contest rules are posted above.

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