Monday, June 01, 2009

PAWS WARS on Facebook

I just created a Beautify CNMI "Upcoming Event" on Facebook for the upcoming Boonie Dog Show, PAWS WARS: Episode III Revenge of the Boonie. What an amazing tool!

I've been building the Beautify CNMI Facebook group and it is now up to 435 members (and growing every day). Facebook allows me to create an "Upcoming Event" and to invite all the members of the Beautify CNMI group. It is unbelievably convenient.

I simply type in all the information for the upcoming event, add a picture or two, a few links, and then Facebook lets me send an invitation to the entire Beautify CNMI group to attend. Invited people are then given the option to choose "Attending," "Maybe Attending," or "Not Attending."

Once the upcoming event is created and the people are invited, Facebook does the rest of the work. It gets listed on the "Highlights" of their main page (for those who accepted the invitation), on the Beautify CNMI group page, and is available to view by anybody on Facebook. Additionally, anyone who accepts the invitation can then forward the invitation on to their friends.

Absolutely brilliant and wonderfully easy to use.

God, I love technology.

I also love Youtube.

This is the KSPN story on our first Boonie Dog Show from 2007:

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