Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks, Dave

Self-proclaimed Visionary, Goof Ball, Eye Surgeon, Artist, Dad, Doer, Husband, Teacher, Speaker, Wannabe Musician, Coach, Friend, Brother, Juggler, Laughing Man David Khorram deserves a hearty thank you from the 75+ individuals who participated in the recently completed Coed Spring Soccer League. As one of the players, I offer my personal thanks. And please add Soccer League Commissioner to your list.

It was a very successful league. It brought in new players. We made new friends. And most importantly, we got to play 5 months of weekly soccer for the affordable price of $20. We even got to keep our t-shirts!

Now that the season is over, one of the four teams is inviting everyone to a post-season pickup game:
On behalf of Team Red, a big thanks to the organizers and players for a great co-ed season. To celebrate, Team Red would like to invite you to a friendly, post-season pick-up game on Monday, June 22, at 5:00 PM at airport field. If the field is available, we will use it. If not, we will play wherever there's space, no lines, no refs, goals made from water bottles, split into smaller teams, whatever it takes! Just bring your uniform and a white shirt and come kick the ball!

If enough people are interested, we'll probably continue pick-ups once a week, but on a different day in consideration of men who also play on Sundays.

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