Sunday, June 07, 2009

World Oceans Days

taga beach wavesToday is World Oceans Day. Why don't you celebrate by hugging a fish? I'll celebrate by posting photos that I took over the weekend of Taga Beach, one of my favorite beaches on the planet. In the first photo there is a man sitting on the cliff next to the end of the railing if you want to use him to judge the size of the waves.

taga beach tinianThe waves were kickin' at Taga Beach on Saturday. It was so rough that the triathlon scheduled for that morning canceled the swim portion and instead had a run-bike-run format. I don't know, it might have been fun to read the headline "Scores Perish in Tinian Triathlon."

I have nothing of particular significance to say on this World Oceans Day. I've been talking about marine protected areas and ocean issues ever since I became involved in the campaign to create the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. What can I say that isn't already said in the archives of this blog?

big wavesIn the 12 months since the last World Oceans Day, the people of the Commonwealth, more than your average Americans, have lived and breathed ocean issues. They were subjected to ocean related issues in the letter to the editor section of the paper, on the nightly news, and pretty much just about every time they sat down for a cup of coffee. Anywhere.

We done good last year. Go us.

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