Friday, July 31, 2009

Giant Coconut Crabs

During our 10 day trip we stopped off at three islands. We spent 2 days at Maug, 2 days at Pagan, and a day at Agrigan. We spent about 36 hours at Sarigan, but never touched land. The other four days we were traveling. The first and the last day were spent traveling and it took a full day to go around Uracas and a full day to travel from Pagan to Sarigan.

The only coconut crabs we saw on the trip were on Agrigan (mostly because we didn't do any coconut crab hunting).

The Saures boys, Eddie, Jeremy, John, and Lao, had a few coconut crabs at their farm and they let us take pictures of them. We also toured their farm and village and barbecued fresh tuna on the beach.

The Saures' have been living on Agrigan for about a year. They said that the last visitors they had were on a fishing vessel back in May. They don't expect their next visit until December.


Jeff said...

Is John early 20s. I had John Saures as a student, and wonder if that is the same person. Ebullient character.

The Saipan Blogger said...

John is a young guy. I'll post a photo of them all for you.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The photo is up. Do I look like a blind white walrus or what?

Anonymous said...

mmmm That's some package you got there Angelo.. The shorts suit you well =)

Matthew said...

I love the hair.