Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 22 Eclipse from Saipan

saipan solar eclipseThe solar eclipse next Wednesday, July 22 will be visible from the island of Saipan. Starting at 11:24 AM, the maximum obscuration will be 77.04% and will take place at 12:53 PM. The whole thing will be over at 2:15 PM. Click HERE for an animation showing what the eclipse will look like on Saipan.

maug solar eclipse marianasIf all goes according to plan I will be sitting on the deck of a boat in the Maug Lagoon, 350 miles north of Saipan. If the Internet is to believed, we will see a 93.5 obscuration from Maug.

Guam, 100 miles to the south of Saipan, will see a 68.62% obscuration, but nobody cares about Guam.

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