Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama Inspired Leadership

Zaldy Dandan, Editor of the Marianas Variety, discusses the New Democratic Party in this week's editorial.
The Democrats, after hemorrhaging throughout their seemingly endless inter-party fighting, are now being revived by new blood and will resume their rightful place as the islands’ other major political party once the Covenant Party, the Republitan wing of the GOP, has run its course. That is, after this year’s elections.

The revival of the Dems under a new and Obama-inspired leadership is one of the most hopeful signs that the local political landscape is improving. Soon, the CNMI will have a Democratic Party aligned with the DNC and offering more than the usual platitudes to the electorate. The local GOP is already aligned with its national counterpart. Now that the CNMI finally has a seat in the U.S. Congress, and with the coming federalization of local immigration, the commonwealth will eventually have two parties with clearly defined beliefs that mirror the robust and dynamic political debates in the U.S.

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