Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Easy Steps to help elect Angelo for Mayor

1. Talk to 10 people in person and ask them to vote Angelo for Mayor
2. Email 10 people to visit and ask them to join my mailing list
3. Drop off 10 Angelo for Mayor flyers at houses in your neighborhood
4. Sign up 10 supporters to display an Angelo for Mayor yard sign in front of their house
5. Send 10 texts to friends asking them to visit
6. Find 10 friends to display an Angelo for Mayor bumper sticker on their car
7. Donate $10 to my campaign via PayPal
8. Sell 10 tickets to one of my small fundraisers (the Weenie Roast on Saturday is only $5 per ticket)
9. Bring 10 friends to a campaign event
10. Invite 10 Facebook friends to support Mayor Angelo on Facebook

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