Monday, September 07, 2009

The Paper Says...

In my last post I shared the comments I gave to the Marianas Variety for a story they wanted to write. Well, the story was published today:
Government supports Beautify CNMI

GOVERNOR Benigno R. Fitial supports the activities of the environmental organization Beautify CNMI, executive officer Angelo Villagomez said.

Fitial recently allowed government workers to participate in the islandwide cleanup during regular working hours.

Government agencies such as the Division of Environmental Quality and the Division of Parks and Recreation also help Beautify CNMI facilitate cleanups.

Moreover, Beautify CNMI receive donations and supplies from government agencies.

Villagomez said cash donations help Beautify CNMI get things that can’t be donated, like garbage bags, gloves, paint, t-shirts and prize money for participating schools.

Beautify CNMI received donations from the Marianas Visitors Authority, amounting to $11,000 over the past four years he added.

Lawmakers, for their part, also donate cash for the purchase of supplies like garbage bags and gloves.

According to Villagomez, Beautify CNMI recently received funding from Bridge Capital that will support their activities for six months.

But the cooperation of government agencies, the community and businesses are more important than monetary donations, he added.

What the CNMI lacks is the enforcement of the anti-littering law, Villagomez said.

He said the illegal dumpsites around the island are major problems that must be addressed.

“I’d like to fine the people who do not properly dispose their trash,” he added.

“I want to see better island planning, support for a system of parks and trails, a comprehensive solid waste management plan, and the paving of roads that are affecting the coral reefs.”
It is always exciting to hear how what you said sounds like after being filtered by the press. So what do you think, does this story have the same tone as my response? I think so.

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