Monday, September 21, 2009

Photos of Alamagan Devastation

I happened across the blog of a Navy Wife living in Guam whose husband flew the helicopter that evacuated the residents of Alamagan to Saipan. The media reports here say that the islands up north have been devastated. It is hard to visualize exactly what that means until you see the photos.

Look at those trees. That used to be a copra plantation. Almost all of the leaves have been ripped off the trees. What must it have been like to live through that?

Kudos to the US Navy for flying up there to help our people. Just look at those trees. There is nothing up there to sustain a family anymore. I wonder how long it will take to grow back?

This is a picture of the famous two day old baby that was born right before the storm hit. That kid is going to grow up hearing some crazy stories about Typhoon Choi Wan!

On our recent trip to the Northern Islands we did not stop at Alamagan, but I have some pictures of the island taken from the boat posted on Facebook.


bigsoxfan said...

Not that this point is within the responsibilities of the mayor of Saipan, but shouldn't the Emergency Management Office have enough funds to respond to an emergency on Alamagan? It is within the bounds of the CNMI, yes?
Maybe they are ok up there, minus the folks the navy took off. I recall a good friend in the hurricane zone of southern Virgina who after two weeks without power following a bad storm, answered my question of why he hadn't used the MREs I had left with him in case he was caught short. His reply was so true of his character and upbringing; "well, the grandson and I tried one and they tasted fine, but we had the garden and the freezer and figured we should wait until we had a real emergency". That after a couple of weeks with no power in a thirty mile radius.
I also remember years ago the EMO ran russian and asian bride ads on their web page; So free market capitalization failed; should they have to go cap in hand a week after the storm, to capital hill in order to help out the residents of the more northern islands? Seems like a waste, given the damage on Alamagan compared to the waste on capital hill.

Deece said...

Wow thanks for posting this. When I read in the paper the other day that people were being evacuated here, I was wondering how bad the damage was and I was hoping they were all ok. Do you know how they are?

Mark - your friend is cool. :o)

GUAMtastic said...

Thanks for the link!! I am so glad you found my blog, and now I have found yours!!

Have a great week!

KAP said...

It's the tropics, everything but the large trees comes back pretty quickly.

Saipan looked like that after Kim, but during the storm we all knew there were resources right around the corner. That's not like being on your own.