Thursday, October 01, 2009

Protect Your Pets

PAWS wants to make sure you protect all your loved ones during the storm. Please pass this information along.
Dear Friends,

Typhoon Melor is predicted to be a big storm with gusts of wind as high 180 (according to a report at 9:00 p.m. last night).

While you are preparing your homes and loved ones for the storm, please do not forget your animals.

We suggest you take the following steps to protect your animal(s) from harm and/or death:


- considering bringing outside dogs and cats inside for the storm. Designate a room for the outside critters so the mess can be contained and easily cleaned.

To prevent bringing ticks and fleas inside the house, treat your animals to a single dose of FRONTLINE or PRO MERIS. Both of these products kill fleas and ticks for up to 4 weeks with a single, non-messy application between the shoulder blades.

FRONTLINE can be purchased at Brabu Pharmacy on Middle Road.

PRO MERIS can be purchased at Paradise Island Animal Hospital on Middle Road.

- If you do not wish to use FRONTLINE or PRO MERIS, considering bringing the animals indoors and FOGGING the house and/or single room after the storm. FOGGING is an effective way of killing fleas and ticks that have jumped off the animals.

FOGGING products can be purchased at ACE HARDWARE.

- Unteather animals during a storm. A tethered dog is a dead dog during a typhoon.

- DO NOT put animals in outside crates and/or kennels. Crates and kennels are easy to tip over and can blow away, even if an animal is inside. Under no circumstance should an animal be put in a crate and/or kennel that is left outside during the storm.

If you use a crate or kennel to house your pet, bring the entire set-up inside during the storm.


Make sure you have plenty of food and water ready for your animals.

Dry and wet cat food and dog food can be purchased at a reasonable price from COSTCO.

BE PATIENT with your pet. Storms are scary for humans and animals. Animals might start to get anxious as the storm approaches and wind and rain intensify. Have compassion and recognize that animals can't watch the TV for updates and that they rely on YOU for their safety.

If you have questions on being/getting prepared, please call 285-PAWS.

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