Saturday, November 07, 2009

Almost Over

The polls are open for another 40 minutes and the news reports about the results are starting to roll out. The Saipan Tribune has a story up about the early morning voters.
Polling places open; 3 of 4 governors lead voting in Garapan
By Haidee V. Eugenio

Hundreds were already in line as polling places opened at 7am in today's historic CNMI elections, with three of the four gubernatorial candidates casting their votes at Precinct 3's Garapan Elementary School between 7:10am and 9:10am and the fourth one expected to vote shortly before the close of polls at 7pm.


Also early in line was Angelo Villagomez, who is running for Saipan's mayoral post.

Villagomez said the first time (sic) he will do if he wins is to hug his mother, who was with him at the voting place even before the polls opened at 7am.

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