Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Dear Editor,

Recent advertisements in your newspaper declare that some Democrats have endorsed Benigno Fitial for Governor. This is not the case.

The Executive Committee of the NMI Democrats met after the regular election to discuss endorsing a candidate for the runoff election. During our meeting there was no discussion as to whether the party would endorse Fitial or Heinz Hofschneider, we were in unanimous agreement that we would either endorse Hofschneider or nobody at all. In the end we decided it was in the best interests of the party not to endorse a candidate, however individuals were free to endorse any candidate of their choosing.

The defining characteristics of Fitial's first four years in office, fear, hatred, bigotry, oppression and deceit, do not mesh with the values and principles espoused by the Democratic Party. As President Obama so famously stated, "We are choosing hope over fear."

Please discontinue printing advertisements about the NMI Democratic Party that have not been endorsed or paid for by the NMI Democratic Party.

Angelo Villagomez
NMI Democratic Party


KAP said...

That's a change in tone from your endorsement. You must have really been getting some blowback.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Mainly because the advertising is very misleading.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Speaking of misleading, Angelo, this expose' of yours is pretty misleading in its own right. To pretend that the small group of you that now call themselves The Democrat Party are the only such party members now or in the past that claimed they are "Democrats" (big D) is at least misleading and maybe downright politically sleazy. Your use of that kind of misinformation surprises me. I consider you better than that.

Oscar Rasa and Herman Guerrero come to mind immediately as Democrat office holders here that have openly endorsed the Fitial reelection. There are probably many more "democrats" out there that will vote for Fitial.

So I must call you on your statement that claims no Democrats endorse BE.

I would also point out that asking an Editor to stop printing items that mention the Democrat Party unless paid for by that party is a bit overboard. Last time I checked the press can use it's pulpit to sell or editorialize on just about any aspect of politics even to include ...gasp...mentioning a party without its permission.

As an example, one can misrepresent the "defining characteristics" of a political foe with impunity as we see from your somewhat rash piece above.

Please don't fall into that 'dirty politics' trap. You have enough going on the positive side that you don't need to rely on this kind of skulduggery.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Bruce, that comment would probably fall under "deceit."

KAP said...

Tch, your purse-strings are showing.

I wouldn't bring up Oscar Rasa's name to justify anything positive other than the Federal Prison system. But that's personal for me because I was threatened a few times for writing about him.

I certainly don't blame the Democrats; the Republicans didn't want him either when he was trying to stir up trouble in their leadership.