Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Out of respect for my supporters that may have supported other candidates I was going to remain neutral in the gubernatorial election, but too much is at stake during this juncture in our history and now is not the time to remain silent.

The two candidates left standing from the general election, Ben Fitial and Heinz Hofschneider, are both good men. They have collectively served this community for nearly half a century and I believe it is the intention of both men to do what is right for our people.

However, an election, as I recently learned first hand, can only have one winner. The voters of the Commonwealth must choose between these two long time public servants and decide who will be our head of state for the next five years.

I am voting for Heinz Hofschneider in the gubernatorial runoff election. I fully endorse his candidacy and ask that you vote for him on November 23.

While Ben Fitial has been a supporter of Beautify CNMI, a campaign I hold very close to my heart, I cannot in good conscience vote for the man that refused to meet with concerned citizens for nearly two years concerning another very important issue, ocean conservation.

Instead of meeting with us to hear what we had to say, instead of engaging us to understand our intentions, instead of hearing our pleas to just listen, he ordered his administration to carry out a campaign appealing to the worst side of our local people. And this was not the only island issue in which he did this. And we were not the only targets of his vindictiveness.

My experience with Heinz Hofschneider was the reverse. He took the time to listen to us. He made a point to educate himself on the subject. He sought out experts that knew more about the subject than himself. And after careful consideration he made his decision.

Heinz is the type of man I want leading our people. I humbly ask you to support his bid as our next governor.


Saipan Writer said...

Great post. Hope you are putting this in the newspapers.

John said...

Agree with Saipan Writer.. I do hope that whoever becomes Governor or even the Mayor-elect pulls you aboard in some capacity to help improve the Island. Your energy and passion to help improve and beautify our island must be drawn upon.