Friday, November 20, 2009

Saipan for Peace Candlelight Vigil

After talking to a good friend tonight I decided to help organize a Saipan for Peace Candlelight Vigil this weekend.

I am not an expert at putting on big events on short notice and I need help. Please call me at 285 6462 if you can donate a sound system, candles, water, or anything else that might prove helpful.

I've already created a Facebook Event. Here is the language I put out:
The people of Saipan and the Northern Mariana Islands are a peace loving people and condemn violence in our community. The violence of the recent shootings in our island is something that was previously unknown to our people, and we vow to never let it never happen again.

Please join us for a candle light vigil this Sunday at 6 PM.

The healing of our community must begin as soon as possible for as many as possible. Our goal is to have the Saipan for Peace Candlelight Vigil at American Memorial Park Ampihtheater, but we need to gain permission first. Our backup location will be Garapan fishing base.
We will not have the benefit of any TV or newspaper advertising to tell the community about this event, so please help me spread the word. Please tell everyone you know to come down to American Memorial Park (pending approval from the rangers) on Sunday night. Please bring your own candles and in the next 48 hours I hope to put together a program.

This candlelight vigil is meant to heal my heart as much as everyone else in this community. This tragedy is devastating. This should never have happened.

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