Friday, November 20, 2009

Saipan Shooting

Our small community was rocked today when a yet-to-be-named gunman went on a shooting spree, wounding eight and killing four, including a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl.

From the BBC:
At least five people have died in a shooting incident in the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific.

The gunman killed four local people in the main island of Saipan, reports say.

He also reportedly went to a tourist area and shot at a group of foreigners - mostly Koreans - wounding eight before killing himself.
From the Saipan Tribune:
A man shot and killed four individuals before turning the gun on himself in two separate shootings in Marpi and Kannat Tabla.

Details of the shootings are still sketchy.

In the Kannat Tabla shooting, the fatalities were two men in their late 20s and early 30s, both local residents, and two children under 10 years old. The two adult victims sustained gunshot wounds in the head, and police are saying they were shot at close range.

The shooter then proceeded to Last Command Post and shot a group of mostly Korean tourists, wounding eight. The victims included two Korean children.

He then went to Banzai Cliff where he shot himself.
I could hear sirens from my apartment, but mainly watched the whole thing unfold from Facebook. As I refreshed the page every few minutes, I watched as schools, businesses, and people's private homes went into lockdown out of fear.

We won't know the full story for a few days, if ever. In the meantime, please pray for the people here. Pray for the victims. And pray that this never happens again.


Badu Magofna said...

Wonderful (not). What progress (not)! From "Islas de las Ladrones" to "Islas de los Asesinatos." Can things get much worse here? Sure, sure they can... if Fitial is reelected. Heaven forbid. Yeow!

Drea said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. My next door neighbors are form Saipan an they have some family members who are victims. Just hope the people of Saipan know that their neighbors on Guam join them in prayer.