Saturday, October 31, 2009

Variety Supplemental

This past Friday the Marianas Variety published an advertising supplemental for all candidates running for all offices. The advertisement that went along with this article is posted in my previous post.
Angelo O’Connor Villagomez: At the forefront of community service

Imagine walking on a street on Saipan anytime of the day or night without looking behind and expecting a dog to spring up and tear a portion of your legs.

Imagine driving along Saipan’s roads without having to turn your head in the other direction because a rotting carcass is lying in the middle of the road. Imagine strolling along tree-lined streets and well-maintained sidewalks free of litter. Imagine pristine beaches where you can relax in contentment.

Imagine resting your eyes on private and government structures free from screaming graffiti splattered on the walls.

Imagine a clean, green and beautiful island.

Imagine having a mayor who is dedicated to making all these and more come true.

Community service in the municipality is nothing new for this young Saipan mayoral candidate. In fact, Angelo O’Connor Villagomez has dedicated the past four years in an untiring effort to make the CNMI a beautiful place to live in.

Villagomez has a dream, a vision and a hope of regaining the Saipan of his boyhood days, the paradise that Saipan once was.

“I would like the people to think that I am a hard working mayor who wants to turn Saipan into the tropical paradise I remember from my childhood,” Villagomez earlier said.

This determination is the driving force which prodded Villagomez to work hard and initiate community programs that not only enrich people’s lives but improve the people’s health, too.


The last few years has been busy ones for Villagomez as he worked together with the community in painting bus stops and the Japanese Light House, supporting the development of soccer through the co-ed and youth leagues, promoting recycling and the many community activities of the Rotary Club of Saipan, organizing regular beach clean-ups and tree planting activities.

As a volunteer, Villagomez regularly and tirelessly led groups in combing the beaches and collecting loads of rope, discarded fishing gear, plastic bottle and household garbage washed up from the ocean.


Villagomez’s priorities center on municipal services, community programs, destination enhancement and an honest and open government.

If elected as Mayor, Villagomez vows to address the immediate issues on hand like implementing the long-delayed animal shelter that would spell the end of stray dog problems. He vows to continue his clean-up programs as this creates a rippling effect to making Saipan as a tourist destination.

“Destination enhancement is about community programs and community events,” he said. As mayor, Villagomez said he can initiate a move to create more community events despite the island’s dwindling resources.


Some of Villagomez’s accomplishments under Beautify CNMI:

2006 Saipan Tribune Person of the Year
2007 USDA Earth Team Award
2007 EPA Environmental Award
2009 Congressional Commendation
2006 Island Wide Cleanup with over 3000 volunteers
2009 Island Wide Cleanup with over 4000 volunteers
3000+ trees planted
500+ beach cleanups

Friends of the Monument:

Declaration of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument
2009 EPA Environmental Award
2009 Congressional Commendation

Pet Assistance Welfare Services:

2007 Boonie Dog Show
2008 Boonie Dog Show
2009 Boonie Dog Show


For Villagomez, a place as beautiful as Saipan needs passionate leadership.

“We know that our community faces many challenges and without basic services, we all suffer,” he said.

He is urging the community to remember these things, to think of a clean, green and beautiful Saipan when they go to the polls.

“I have learned a lot these last few years on how to get things done here. I am ready to apply these skills now, today as your Mayor. I promise to work hard these next four years. With you helping me I am sure that we will accomplish much,” Villagomez said.

The CNMI benefitied so much from the continuous efforts Villagomez initiated as a volunteer in keeping and maintaining a beautiful enviroment.

Imagine what more he could do as mayor of Saipan.

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