Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Welcome Home, Mom!

We had a great all-day beachside BBQ for Mom on Saturday. Early in the morning it looked like we were going to get rained out, but by 10:30 AM it cleared up and we only got some light showers later on in the afternoon.

Representative Justo Quitugua came early to the BBQ to help us set up and took a lead on manning the BBQ pit. Thank you, Justo!

I'm not one of those candidates who can afford to feed the entire island, so our event was pot luck. People really helped out. I provided chicken and rice, the party provided beer and water, and friends and supporters brought everything else.

One of the draws of the BBQ was the halloween contest. I had a 4.5 of Wonka candy for the winner. The prize was shared equally between River, dressed as a fairy, and Kyle, dressed as Angelo O'Connor Villagomez.

We finished up around 5 PM. We were supposed to go to Tottotville to give out candy, but Mom was so tired I just took her home and she went straight to ed.

More photos from the Angelo for Mayor Beachside BBQ are available on Facebook.

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