Monday, December 14, 2009

Breakups are always tough

This story in today's Marianas Variety caught me off guard; I didn't know it was going to run.
Beautify CNMI head’s resignation disappoints DEQ manager

“DEVASTATING” was how Division of Environmental Quality manager Joe M. Kaipat described the resignation of Angelo Villagomez as executive director of Beautify CNMI.

He said Villagomez is a big part of Beautify CNMI and his absence will not be good to the coalition.

“There is nobody out there yet who could take his place,” he added.

Villagomez’s contributions as head of the coalition are incomparable, he said.

“He played a big part to ensure the success of the group,” Kaipat added.

He is challenging other members of the coalition to “step up to the plate.”

Coalition member Laurie Peterka said she is encouraging Villagomez “to stay involved with the organization even though he is far away.”

But she added that Villagomez’s goal to pursue his education in Florida is admirable.

She believes he was able to motivate the people and “bring them together to pursue a desired outcome.”
Joe and Laurie along with Kathy Yuknavage and Tyler Yoshimoto are the de facto heads of Beautify CNMI now. Laurie and Tyler run our graffiti campaign while Joe and Kathy focus on solid waste.

Over the years other people like Cinta Kaipat, Ken Kramer, Katie Busenkell, Marites Castillo, Tina Sablan, Reina Camacho, Kathleen Hermann, Bree Reynolds and Steve Hiney have done what I've done for Beautify CNMI, so there are plenty of people who can step in and take over.

Anyone who wants to Beautify CNMI has no more to do than grab a garbage bag and spend 15 minutes picking up litter on a street or a beach. If you want to do more, go to one of the meetings. If you want to do more than that, start planning events.

When it comes down to it, the success of Beautify CNMI lies in the belief that making these islands a safe, beautiful place to live is everyone's responsibility. Hundreds of people understand this, which is why we've been so successful.

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