Monday, January 11, 2010

Goodbye, Saipan

My last few days on Saipan were a whirlwind of activity. I sold off some of my belongings, gave away even more, and boxed up and mailed myself three packages of mostly clothes.

Edz and I went on the Saipan Sunset Cruise on Wednesday evening. This is a must do if you visit Saipan. Jerry Alcantara sings and plays the guitar as the sun sets over the lagoon for the low low local price of $30 per person. The food isn't that good, but the music is great and sitting out on the boat in the lagoon is magical.

After the sunset cruise Laurie threw a party for me at Remington. It was a nice quiet party with good friends where I drank too much, which is fine if you are surrounded by friends and not driving.

On Thursday I had lunch with my Godfather and on Friday I had lunch with my Godmother. I haven't spent nearly enough time with either of them in my life and it was great sitting down for a while and chatting.

Pete and Matilde Igitol took us out to dinner on my last night. We went to Aqua Resort's Seafood Night, which is one of my favorite meals on Saipan.

Then we went out for one last night on the town. We went to Oceans and the Flair and then it was on to the airport.

Edz and I spent our last moments sitting on the hood of her car under the stars. I'm going to miss you, Saipan.

May the Force be with you.


pRiNcEsSeXyeDz said...

Is that GOODBYE SAIPAN for good?! Are you really not coming back? not even for vacation? Now you hate Saipan...!

The Saipan Blogger said...

What are you talking about?