Friday, January 15, 2010

A Home Cooked American Meal

There's my family: Uncle Gene and Aunt Nora with my Mom, Kevin, and Catie. My stepfather Jim is taking the photo.

Even though we're Irish, Nora whipped up a killer Italian dinner last Sunday with sausage, meatballs, and cheese ravioli. Giovanni's at the Hyatt is great, but nothing beats home cooking.

It is good to be back.

It is Friday morning in Florida and I am getting ready for a flight to Boston and a weekend in New England. It is fitting that I am going to Massachusetts before my first week in America is out; Worcester was our first stop after we left Saipan in 1982.

My Mom's uncle, Uncle Hank, the brother of my grandmother, the oldest living member of our family (I think) is turning 89. The WOW Trinity (that's Walsh-O'Connor-Walsh) is getting together to celebrate his special day. The last time I was in Massachusetts was in 2004 for my cousin Sean's wedding. The time before that was 2003 for Uncle Jim's funeral (Uncle Hank and my grandmother's brother). The time before that? I'm not sure. We went to Cape Cod for Christmas one year; That might have been 1993, but I'm not sure. So this is basically my first visit in six years and my third visit in twenty.

One of the questions I've been pondering lately is whether I am going to live a life following in my mother's footsteps or my father's footsteps. You see, my father left Saipan for a time, returned, and then never left while my mother was in Saipan for a time, left and then never looked back. I find myself having to choose between a life in Saipan or a life in Florida and I am unable to do either.

For now I will content myself with home cooking. Last night we had roast beef and vegetables; Tonight I eat at Sharon and Bob's.

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