Friday, January 22, 2010

Marianas Trench Marine Monument 2009 Tour

This video photo montage of last year's expedition to the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument was made by Patrick Symmes and is hosted on Youtube:
Photos from a tour of the Marianas Trench Marine Monument completed in July 2009.

These remote waters under US jurisdiction were designated a no-fishing area in January, 2009, when George W. Bush created the world's three largest marine reserves during his final week in in office.

The Marianas Trench Marine Monument is about 70,000 square nautical miles. The volcanoes and 36,000-foot deep trench contain unique geological features, exotic sea life, and wreckage from WWII and before.

These pictures were taken on assignment for future publication in Outside magazine by Patrick Symmes, and are not for commercial use. Please support the marine monument by using them freely for educational purposes.

--Patrick Symmes
I hope that this expedition will make it into the pages of Outside magazine sometime this year.

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