Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money Wins Campaigns

The Saipan Tribune has an article about campaign spending in 2009. If you remember, the top four candidates in the Saipan Mayor race in order of votes recieved were (1) Don Flores, (2) Marian Tudela, (3) Angelo Villagomez, and (4) Roman Benavente....and then five others.

Want to take any guesses as to how much money each candidate raised and their relative position to each other?

According to the article the totals were:

(1) Don Flores: $8,906

(2) Marian Tudela: $7,983

(3) Angelo Villagomez: $6,909

(4) Roman Benavente: $3,121

Interestingly, the Saipan Tribune did not report on in-kind donations which were quite substantial in my campaign. They also do not report the amount spent on the campaign. They only report the amount raised.

I figured this was already true, but this helps solidify my opinion. If you want to run for office and win you need to raise more money than your opponents.

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