Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reunion, of sorts

The flight to Boston was uneventful. We checked in online, printed our boarding passes from home, and then Jim took us to the airport after he took the kids to school. I got bumped up to First Class and Mom takes every opportunity to tell anyone who will listen that I wouldn't trade seats with her.

I said it was against TSA regulations or something.

Molly met us at the airport. Here she is with Mom trying to figure out how to pay for the parking. At one point Mom dropped a bunch of coins on the ground and the guy standing behind them didn't even try to pretend to hide his impatience. He did a simultaneous soft stomp with his left foot, eye roll, and groan. I sat back and took pictures.

Stupid tourists.

On the way to Sharon's we stopped at my cousin Julie's restaurant to pay her a visit. We all had a bowl of clam chowder. I'd had a nice chicken cobb salad up in First (Mom had a bag of stale pretzels in coach) and wasn't that hungry, so I just ate to be social. Naturally I scarfed mine down before they had barely touched theirs.

Sharon had pizza for us at the house and some of the family came over. Sean came over with his wife, Laura, and son, Sam, Bobby came over with his girls, and Julie brought Carlos and one of her daughters.

This is the house where I spent a good portion of my formative years. It was fun watching a new generation of rugrats raise hell.

Saturday was the day of the birthday party. We carpooled down to New Canaan, Connecticut and arrived around 1 PM. To be honest, I didn't recognize some people. I know the older kids, but some of the younger kids I haven't seen since 1992 when they were about 5.

We took at least three rounds of obligatory groups shots.

About 50 years ago when my mom and her 17 other cousins were kids they took a photo on a staircase. This is the 21st Century version of that photo, with five missing cousins (two have passed away and three couldn't make it).

And these are the grandkids. None of the Massachusetts Walsh grandkids were there and only 4 of the 14 O'Connors make the drive down (or the flight up, as it were), but most of the Connecticut Walsh grandkids were there.

And one last thing...

There is an 80% chance that it will snow again tomorrow.


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kirida said...

My mother wouldn't let me live if I didn't give her first class seats. The woman holds grudges.