Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tying Up Strings

The moon on New Year's Eve was epic. I was going to camp with some friends on Managaha, but ended up staying on the "big" island and having a relatively calm night in Garapan.

The day started in Tinian. Edz and I went there for one last get away before I get back to the states. We spent the night at the casino and some considerable time at the blackjack table. Let's just say that I didn't win.

Goodbye, Tinian. That's the airport out the window. I think I'm checking my email.

I had no real plans for New Year's Eve this year. I figured I'd end up in Garapan somewhere. I got a call from John Peterson to go out around 9 AM. Our first stop was Wild Bill's, where I was accosted for the Crazy Thai Girls blog I posted two years ago. Yeah, two year's ago. Just sayin'.

The next stop was Hard Rock Cafe, which was incredibly lame. There couldn't have been more than 20 people there, but they were giving away free airline tickets at midnight so we stuck around for the new year.

We didn't win.

There was a group of Japanese tourists sitting next to us at Hard Rock and I asked them if they wanted to accompany us to Flair. Good times.

On New Year's Day I led a group of people down to Forbidden for the fourth annual Angelo's Forbidden Island New Year's Day Hike.

I took Oreo down there for the first time. He really likes swimming and had a blast. Edz had fun, too.

On Saturday, January 2, I had a BBQ at Navy Hill, but didn't take any pictures. We played soccer, grilled Italian sausage, and drank beer. It was a great day and something I will greatly miss when I go back to Florida (although it can't be too difficult to find people who like to eat, drink, and play soccer there, right?).

Today I got to visit one of the preposition ships that are anchored off the coast of Saipan, something I've wanted to do since I was 8 years old.

To enter the USNS Pless you have to climb up a rope ladder hanging off the side of the boat. That's Edz climbing in.

There is a helicopter pad up top with some great views of Saipan.

Aren't we just the most adorable couple?

So the reason I've wanted to visit one of these ships since I was a kid is because they contain 13 decks of trucks, tanks, hummers, and other assorted hardware the United States Marines use to rain hell down upon our enemies.

We were able to get a close up view of some of the trucks and tanks.

My brother Kevin is going to be forever jealous that I got to go on this tour.

I never toured a single war ship living in Florida, but here in Saipan I've visited several. That's something I'll miss, too.

And how awesome is it sitting in the Captain's chair?

Tonight is Sunday. I've got five more full days in Saipan. I've going to make them count.

And the final goodbye will take place Friday night at Remington starting at about 10 PM, depending on when we finish dinner at Aqua Resort.

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