Friday, February 12, 2010

A Banded Bird

white ibisI remember reading or being told in college that if you found a bird with a band on its leg, you could report the number to scientists and they would use it for whatever it is scientists use data for.

At Epcot the other day I saw a White Ibis with a silver band around its ankle (not the one in the photo above, a different one) and I tried snapping some photos to get the number.

The first few numbers were 1187.

white ibis bird bandAnd the number on the other side of the band was 800.

As I was taking the pictures I told Kevin when we got home we'd look up on the Internet where you can report the bird sighting. A quick Google search showed that the reporting website can be found at

Turns out there are two numbers after the 800 that I didn't catch with the photograph. My plan to report the bird sighting failed.

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